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Deck Guru: Epic Little Hissy

Deck Guru

Deck Guru

So like I said in my last article I received a few submissions to work on and I got one that was is really enjoyable with just enough of a competitive edge! Tom Rogers gives us our first deck!

Hey Rob, this is Tom Rogers (Kaijudo_Kid) from the DM and Kaijudo sites. First off congrats on the 2nd place finish in Seattle! Secondly, I have a fun project you may enjoy upon the release of Shattered Aliances.

SBK’s Rob Wolinsky and Rob Valentino were playing games on TCO and taking deck submissions for a livestream. I quickly threw together a deck centered around Little Hissy, then named it “Epic Little Hissy.” When it came up on TCO it got a few laughs and they ended up playing a best of 3 Epic Hissy mirror match. Everyone got some fun out of it (especially Rob, who topdecked Big Hissy to reverse the tempo and win the game). Little Hissy was one of my favorite cards when the Battle Decks were first released, and I did use him for the first couple of months in a RUB deck.

Since you’re into tweaking things and this guy’s definitely a fan favorite, I’m interested to see if you come up with anything. Basically, the goal is to win battles with Little Hissy and create a rewards system for it. Lots of power boosts to make any card in hand an invisible threat to the opponent’s newly summoned creatures, and cards like Chief Thorn-Bringer or Twilight Commander to create small “bonuses” for Hissy takedowns.

First off, let me says thanks to Tom for following the format I asked for. It makes it so much easier to get the idea of what you are going for with a deck. So thanks again Tom. Lets take a look at the decklist!

Big Hissy











Light: 8
Keeper of Laws x 3
Twilight Commander x 2
Stormspark Blast x 3
Nature: 12
Chief Thorn Bringer x 3
Slumbering Titan x 1
Root Trap x 3
Reap and Sow x 2
Energize x 3
Fire: 12
Spellbane Dragon x 2
Little Hissy x 3
Legionnaire Lizard x 2
Twin-Cannon Maelstrom x 1
Magma Madness x 2
Big Hissy x 2
Light/Nature: 6
Sword Horn x 3
Homunculon The Blaster x 3
Fire/Nature: 2
Gorim The Striker x 2
40 cards
Alright so now that we got the deck list you can tell Tom really wanted to capitalize on battle tricks and battle effects. There are a lot of cool effects going on and you get this kind of aggressive tempo deck that can control any small creatures your opponent wants to put down. However I think we can streamline this a bit more. Let’s start making some cuts.
-2 Magma Madness
-2 Spellbane Dragon
-3 Energize
-1 Slumbering Titan
-2 Twilight Commander
-2 Reap and Sow
Basically all of these cuts were because they didn’t really synergize with the strategy. Sure Magma Madness and Energize gave your creatures a nifty little boost but you really have to have a board established to take full effect. Spellbane and Twilight Commander were cut to make room for some higher utility cards and Slumbering Titan was, well, just green mana every time. Reap and Sow was the hardest card to cut but ultimately I got a great replacement for it.
Tom did a great job of keeping the deck at 40 cards. In a deck like Toms you want to grab the key power cards ASAP. Keeping your deck at 40 helps improve those odds. Now don’t get me wrong, Kaijudo is not a 40 or don’t bother playing the deck type game but it is hard to argue with math.
Like Big Hissy from the show. This decks focus is on battle and really cool battle tricks as well as trying to gain a bonus from attacking/winning battles. Tom plays some great color combinations that let him take advantage of the spectacular Battle Mages and I want expand on that and then some. During testing with Toms deck I had Keeper of Laws run over Tatsurion the Unchained and Sword Horns demolish General Skycrushers. The battle mages are a key part that let you take out those creatures just out of reach. Tom has some great ramp and Chief Thorn Bringer can be absolutely insane. A turn 4 Chief into a T5 B-Mage is a brutal swing in tempo and advantage. You just removed a threat and you accelerated yourself further into the game. So we have 12 cards worth of wiggle room to add!

+ 2 Lava Leaper

I wanted to add some more Dune Geckos. After all this is a hissy deck. I was shocked that there was no Dune Geckos from SHA. So naturally, I wanted a creature with some cool battle tricks and Lava Leaper fits the bill! He has a built in protection from battle. This effect is INCREDIBLY weaker thanks to Multi-Civs, but it can still be hilariously frustrating to deal with. We now have an 8 evo-bait cards for Big Hissy.








+ 1 Big Hissy

Big Hissy
So why did I want to add more Dune Geckos? For this guy! This may seem obvious but this deck IS named Epic Little Hissy. Hissy is a focal point and can really take people off guard. One of the big issues I had prior to this build was having all these dune geckos and no Big Hissy! So sure another Hissy might not be super competitive, but it IS super fun.








+ 1 Gorim the Striker

So with all this talk about B-Mages we are going to max out on Gorim. I cannot tell you how critical that power is not to mention his effect lets your own keeper of laws run over your opponents own copies. This also powers up your Big/Little Hissy to peck off early/mid game creatures.









+ 3 Tasurion the Champion

Champion is my pseudo replacement for Spellbane Dragon. He isn’t only an aggressive powerhouse on his own but he is a shining example of versatility. The mana ramp is rarely a negative and if you get the power boost speed attack? Even better. He acts as a great mid-range finisher as well as getting to your big boss guys.








+ 1 Lepidos the Ancient

Sammy Huda just squealed like a school girl somewhere just now. Lepidos is another of those cards that lets you benefit from winning battles. However Lepidos is far from this decks focus, but I wanted another finisher esque creature while benefiting from the battle tricks. Oh yea, speaking of finishers.









+ 2 Dragon Knight Volaron

Toms deck is pre-SHA so I got to toy around with the new cards using his deck submission. Volaron is awesome and a natural fit. He is aggressive yet keeps you alive. He is your big guy killer. Your 6 B-Mages come in handy when you start pecking off his guys and amassing shields. Volaron is your version of Andromeda! You definitely won’t be able to pull him off every game so do not be afraid to put him down in your mana. However, when you do play him, he comes down in a Fiery Light Dragon Knight Champion of Glory™.







Here are the changes we made in summation as well as a formal deck list.
+ 2 Lava Leaper
+ 1 Big Hissy
+ 1 Gorim the Striker
+ 3 Tasurion the Champion
+ 1 Lepidos the Ancient
+ 2 Dragon Knight Volaron
Light: 6
Keeper of Laws x 3
Storm Spark Blast x 3
Fire: 11
Little Hissy x 3
Legionnaire Lizard x 2
Lava Leaper x 2
Big Hissy x 3
Twin Cannon Maelstrom x 1
Nature: 9
Root Trap x 3
Chief Thorn Bringer x 3
Lepidos the Ancient x 1
Razorhide x 2
Light/Fire: 2
Dragon Knight Volaron x 2

Light/Nature: 6
Sword Horn x 3
Homunculon the Blaster x 3

Fire/Nature: 6
Gorim The Striker x 3
Tatsurion the Champion x 3
When piloting this deck or rather, any rogue deck. You have to know it and play it like the back of your hand. This deck CAN win even against some of the best. You have some great speed and tricks that help you get ahead in that early/mid game. However late game is not your friend, those big ol dragons are tough to beat. Especially Infernus the Awakened you only have three outs to him, Root Trap, so it’s best to try and win before hand or be so far ahead to make Infernus irrelavent.
So Tom laid the foundation for a really cool and fun deck that I am willing to bet money on can land you cool local wins. I had a blast playing it and I want to thank him again for the awesome deck concept and I hope I made it a bit better for you. If you want to see matches with this new Epic Little Hissy build! Check out my YouTube channel TheCardAcademyTCG. For my next article I will be taking a look at the top decks from the ARG Open and the First Weekend of KMCs and giving my analysis. In the mean time keep sending in those deck lists so I can work on them and we can make them awesome decks!
For all deck submissions please send your complete list
Please Include:
– Your Deck list. (Please send a written deck list, not a screenshot.)
– Your name and city.
– Remember – please use full card names! No Abbreviations and miss-spellings please!
– A paragraph or two describing your deck: what it does, why you’re playing it, and its strengths and weaknesses.
– Don’t forget! The cooler and more out of the box your deck is the more I’ll want to fix it, so don’t be afraid to get creative!(Hint: New cards/decks will get priority)


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