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Peer into the Veil

Peer into the Veil

Hey guys, welcome back to another Peer into the Veil. Kaijudo is still a growing game, and for tons of players, KMC’s are their first chance to trade cards with a bunch of people. However, no one wants to get home and realize that card they traded away is worth way more than the cards they got so in this article i’ll give you some pointers on what you can do to make sure that doesn’t happen and you always get right back what your cards are worth. That works the other way as well. If you’re more knowledgeable about card prices than the other person, don’t rip them off. Kaijudo is a small tightly knit community so let’s really help each other and always do fair trades.


Kaijudo 24/7 as well as a few other sites are always posting techs and decklists from KMC’s as well as articles about cards they think are strong. That doesn’t mean those cards are always worth a lot but it usually is a helpful indicator of what the players who are finding success are using. It tells you what cards are working and as a result what people are seeking. Also if you see something that you yourself want, it let’s you easier search through other player’s collections because you already know what you’re interested in. There’s nothing worse than scrambling at the last few minutes before a KMC starts and still not knowing what you even need.

Kaijudo Dojo Bazaar(Facebook)/Pojo Trading Section

Even if you’re not into online trading, you should still check out the trading section of various websites. Look for similarities in people’s wants. As important as it is to read articles for info, it’s even more important to get the real facts from some of the actual people you’ll be running into. General Finbarr is a perfect example. You might think to yourself, “Oh this is just a starter deck card, i’ll just trade this off for something small”, but General Finbarr is actually a powerful and sought after card despite his apparent ease to obtain. You may have cards you never even knew people were looking for. You can even organize your binder in such a way to spread out your good cards evenly to keep people interested in your trades. Also generally people offer trades that are more fair online because it’s easier for people to look up prices while they are on the computer. Scroll down a bit and see what players are offering one another. See what offers players accept and which they don’t.

Ebay/Store Websites

This is the biggest one. You know what cards are good and you know what people are looking for. Now you gotta see which of those sought after cards you have and get a concrete number on what it’s actually worth. When trading, the number one question you will be asked is, “What do you value that?”.  After you have some experience, you can probably do this on the fly and make educated guesses based on playability and rarity but even smartest traders (myself included) will want to have a definite answer because we can all make mistakes on values. Go drop by ebay and type in the name of the card. Look at the ones people are bidding on. Filter out the ones that are ending soonest to see what the bids have gone up to. To get the best information though, you must check out the completed listings. If the card sold, the price that it sold for will be highlighted in green. This is the most important information you can find because it tells you what people are actually paying for it. Remember learning mean, median, and mode in math class? This is where that comes in handy. Find repeating prices; find higher prices; if prices are kind of all over the place, grab a calculator and average a few of them out. Make sure you have a definite number for each of the cards that are important to you. Look up the cards you think you might be looking for and make sure you know what they’re worth as well so when your trade partner tells you a value, you don’t agree with, you’ll know you’re correct because you’ve got the facts to back it up. Check it card websites as well (like ours). Even if you’re not in the mood to purchase a card, you can check out what stores are selling their cards for. Some stores let you know how many of each card is in stock. Check out which ones are low or sold out. Now this doesn’t always tell you which cards are popular and which cards are not but it’s another useful place to obtain information. Sometimes people don’t like the work they have to do with ebay or the topsy turvy nature of some prices and just want a definite price to go by, so some people rather use websites and that’s totally fine.

Now i hope that this article has made you guys a little bit better at trading and these tools can be used for any card game you play. So next time, right before a KMC, go do your research and you will be well prepared to get out there and get the trades you really want. Thanks for reading guys, feel free to comment with any feedback or questions. See ya!

Peer into the Veil

Peer into the Veil

Hey there Kaijudo duelists. This past weekend was the first weekend of the Winter KMC season and among the first tournaments with Shattered Alliances legal. We had 5 total KMC’s take place all over the U.S. with players trying their best to find victory.

First we’ll go to Torrington CT at the KMC which i participated in. Unfortunately i did not top 8 however fellow writer Brian Durkin took it home with his Dragon Variant. The top 8 consisted of 4 Dragon Variants, 2 Haven Variants, 1 Water/Dark/Light control, and 1 Light/Nature/Fire Rush. The Haven Variants were both 4 color versions. The Dragon lists were variations on 8/9 Birds with each player running their own techs. The Water/Dark/Light was a sort of classic variant from last format with a single Eternal Haven thrown in to the mix. The only rush deck that made it was a cool deck made by Carl of Team Peach and successfully piloted by Bill Swanson that included green for some of the aggressive dual civ’s like Sword Horned, Starseed, and Razorcat along with Essence Elf to boost your whole field even more. Finals was a dragon control mirror with Brian Durkin edging out Jonah Acosta for the win. I’m sure Brian will do something on his card choices and deck so you guys will have to look out for that in Brian’s section. There were a ton of awesome cards that proved to be powerful here and at the other KMC’s.

Moving along we’ll go to KMC Evansville where Jerah and Robert both were able to perform well. Check out Jerah’s recent article for decklists. 1st and 2nd place were also Dragon variants with 1st place having an interesting tech in the form of Jump Jets and 2nd place using Hammer Dragon Foulbyrn to gain massive advantage. Rounding out the top 8 are 5 Aggro/Rush Variants and a Haven Deck. Dragons continue it’s dominance in the meta. An awesome list from Jerah is similar to a list i lost to in the first round in CT piloted by Aiden Thorne, proving Blurple is still a contender. The Rush decks are still going strong with the addition of Blinder Beetle Prime and the slew of Fire/Light cards released in Shattered Alliances.

Next up is KMC Atlanta where the top 8 was almost dominated by Rush/Aggro decks. Only 2 control decks made it and none of them were Haven or Dragon decks. First place was a Water/Fire/Light Rush deck that included Water for it’s bounce to compliment the tap in light to punish slow control decks and get blockers out the way by any means necessary. 2nd place is one of the few Mega-Bug decks that managed to make it into top 8’s this weekend. Nothing much changed besides the addition of Cyber Scamp, who is proving to be a problem against slow control decks.

After that is KMC Ohio which was won by veteran CVH with his 4 color Haven deck. 2nd place was a Light rush deck and Kalima finally reared her head coming in at 3rd place. Around the bend are 4 Dragon Decks and 1 more Haven Deck. Spencer Swan and Gordon Hunt both made top 8 as well so a great day for Team Peach and a good showing for Control. We’re starting to see a ton of similarities in the decks here and i’ll go in to that in a minute.

Finally is KMC Albany where Robert Herbert won it all with his 4 color Haven Deck. Carl Reddish made top 8 with Mega Bugs. The rest of the top 8 consisted of 2 more Haven, 2 Dragon decks, 1 Mono Fire, and 1 Water/Dark/Light Aggro deck. This KMC had some interesting choices from the control players with Robert Herbert and David Bruno both piloting Haven Decks containing Blinder Beetle Primes.

My pick for the Top 5 cards this weekend:


1. General Finbarr. From Dragon decks to Rush decks the powerful Cyberlord known as Finbarr was all over the place. In dragons he allowed players to refill their hands and get aggressive with their birds to put away the game early if they needed to. In Rush/Aggro decks, it bounced blockers back to their opponents hand and prevented control players from mounting a come back while keeping the aggressive juices flowing by supplying players with more and more small creatures to pummel their opponents with. Get your starter decks fast if you haven’t already because this guy is on his way up.


2. Screeching Scaradorable. This card gave Control decks some much needed defense against Cyber Scamp, who players found to be a problem to deal with. Aggro players couldn’t just bounce it so easily because it would keep coming down and killing off their small creatures. Being able to kill opposing Umbras and Lux was a great asset as well. On the other side of that, Blurple decks found he dealt with Aqua Strider nicely and allowed that final push for the win. This little guy is making a comeback in a big way.


3. Cyber Scamp. This guy showed up in all kinds of decks with his versatility and resiliency. Once you start flooding the field it gets hard for control players to fight back with out the use of their spells and if they do, they’ve got another one of these little guys to deal with. Mega Bugs and Blurple get that much more dangerous. Watch out because that eye on his forehead isn’t looking at you, it’s looking at your wallet.


4. Heretic Prince Var-rakka. Dragons still had the best showing this weekend and this guy is a big part of that. He does quite a bit for dragon decks replacing Hyper Speed as the Fast Attack Enabler of dragons. Heretic Prince allows your birds to come in and have an even bigger immediate impact on the game and if you were attacking in early with birds, dropping this guy just seals the game right there. He’s also turn 8 which without even needing the help of birds is right before Haven decks most dangerous threats. Prince and Finbarr were best friends all weekend and things should stay that way.


5. Eternal Haven. Yea we all knew it was gonna be strong but people are still trying to perfect this guy and while Haven decks aren’t as complete as Dragon decks just yet, they were still able to put up some amazing numbers in the Top 8’s this weekend. Haven being untargetable is so back breaking, forcing players to use unorthodox cards to deal with it like Crimson Wyvern. This weekend proved Eternal Haven is the real deal and so is her price.

Peer into the Veil

Peer into the Veil

Hey there Kaijudo enthusiasts, it’s Rafael and join me as we “Peer into the Veil” and see if we can find out whats gonna happen to these awesome new creatures and spells as they enter our realm. In this article i will do a mini review of each card in the set and then i’ll give you my opinion on what you can expect each card to be worth. So without further adieu let us begin.


Eternal Haven:


Eternal Haven is quite the beast of a card. A 15500 for 10 mana means it can currently block and destroy all creatures in the game except for Infernus the Immolator and Queen Kalima. It has the standard triple breaker and field boost we’ve come to know and love from the monarchs. It also has one of the most powerful card advantage engines in the game with its ability to fill your field with high level blockers and refill your hand while doing it. As if that wasn’t enough, he can’t be targeted by your opponents spells or abilities making him one of the most dangerous threats this game has ever seen. You’ll need to include at least 10-11 blockers to get the most from his effect but with some of the cards we’ve gotten this set, that shouldn’t be a problem.  Expect it to make big waves in the meta.

My price prediction: $45-$50

King Alboran:


King Alboran is kinda neat. 7000 power for 7 mana is respectable. At the beginning of your turn you can look at the top card of your deck and leave it there or put it on the bottom of your deck which is useful in control for setting up your draws and moving dead cards out of the way. His second ability is a bit situational since you can’t always rely on it to do what you need it to but when it works it can be the difference between winning and losing. Bouncing a fire bird off a Mesmerize or a Herald/Hyperspeed/Wave Lancer from a Grip of Despair is actually really good. Leviathan is also a plus.

My price prediction: $10-$15

Queen Kalima:


Queen Kalima is the other monarch in the set and is quite the powerhouse in it’s own right. 16000 for 10 mana makes it the second most powerful creature in the game meaning it will rarely die in a fight. It’s come in to play effect is incredibly powerful, being able to destroy up to 3 of your opponents creature in one shot. It also has the ability to return any creature from your discard pile to your hand whenever it attacks keeping your hand full and replacing the creatures you’re sacrificing with Ripper Reaper. This card, like Haven is already starting to inspire new deck types and you can expect Kalima Control to be a force to be reckoned with.

My price prediction: $30-$35

Ragelord Vesuvius:


6000 power for 7 mana is a little underwhelming. Whenever he wins a battle you can discard your hand and draw 5 cards. Refilling your had when its low is cool but this card doesn’t really fit anywhere at the moment. If Champions get support then this card could see some play. Also cards always have a shot at getting better as more and more sets are revealed and this card’s ability is just asking to be comboed with something so keep him in mind.

My price prediction: $7-$9

Wildstrider Ramnoth:


This guy is pretty interesting. A 6 mana for 6000 lets him tie with Lyra and beat down on his fair share of format staples like Herald of Infernus and Keeper of Laws. He has double breaker and at the start of your turn you may put the top card of your deck to mana. In ramp strategies, he can come down as early as turn 4. If your opponent is unable to answer him, he will allow you to get well ahead of them. Unfortunately though, the format is filled with immediate gratification abilities and he’s not so good late game when you need answers and are trying to pressure your opponent. He’s got a lot of potential though so don’t count him out just yet.

My price prediction: $7-$11

Twilight Archon:


Meet Eternal Haven’s best friend and partner in crime. Before we even got Eternal Haven, this guy was getting a lot of buzz. At 11500 power for 9 mana, he can take on a slew of strong creatures including being able to tie with Andromeda if the need arises. With a boost from Haven, he can take on almost everything else. He has blocker which is great for a control player trying to stay alive and he has the same ability as Lyra to keep a creature down for a turn. Lyra is a staple in most decks running light so you already know how powerful that effect is. Then he also has the ability to banish an opponents tapped creature whenever you play a spell allowing for deadly combos with cards like piercing judgment and spark cage. This card can easily win games if he’s allowed to stick around for too long and expect him to have a presence in the meta weather he’s played alongside Eternal Haven or not, however blocker can be a gift and a curse so be wary.

My price prediction: $20-$25

Dragon Knight Volaron:


7000 for 9 mana is weaker than we’re used to, but he has power attacker +4000 to allow him to get past a nice amount of creatures. He has fast attack and once you read his last effect, you’ll know why. At the end of the turn, if Volaron is tapped you may put the top card of your deck in to shields. Getting extra shields is always great and having “may” in his effect is important nowadays with deck out being as big a way to win the game as attacking your opponent. He also gets a big boost from being an armored dragon allowing him to come down early and getting protection from Lux is gonna be important with his low power on your opponents turns. This card is pretty fun and has phenomenal art, so expect it to see some play in dragon builds.

My price prediction: $14-$18

Heretic Prince Var-Rakka:


We all have a Gilaflame story. Now imagine if he had a dad. That is the Heretic Prince. He has fast attack and gives your other creatures fast attack and if you’ve ever seen Bolt Tail in action, you know it can cause serious damage. The ability to turn all your creatures in to an immediate threat is incredibly powerful and the fact that he is a dragon makes him much easier to use than Steamtank Kryon. His final ability can also be his most dangerous. He forces you to return a creature to your hand at the end of the turn which allows to keep a creature safe from harm for a turn or create devastating game winning combos with creatures like Squillace Scourge. Expect the first true Kaijudo combo decks to emerge with this guy at the forefront.

My price prediction: $25-$30

Borran, the Reality Shaper:


Borran is a 9000 power creature for 8 mana so it has a respectable bulk for it’s cost. Borran’s ability allows you to summon a non-evolution creature from the top of your deck whenever he or one of your other creatures is banished, if the top card of your deck is not a creature you can put it in your hand. This guy has a cool interesting effect, but im not sure if he has a home in decks just yet. He might fit in Kalima control since your killing your own dudes often, generating even more card advantage. He takes some investment to get him to work but he has a lot of cool interactions so dont write him off just yet.

My price prediction: $11-$15

Khordia, the Soul Tyrant:


At 9000 power for 9 mana he’s a little on the weak side for his costs but when you see his effects you’ll see why. When he comes in to play he returns all creatures in your discard pile to mana tapped allowing you to play a huge amounts of cards on consecutive turns if he hits it big. He combos well with Kurragar and fits nicely in to Kalima Control as well, and being a dragon is always a plus as you get backup from the birds. In addition to that, every time he attacks, he can summon a creature that is level 6 or less from your mana zone. Mana manipulation is incredibly useful allowing you to bring back cards you previously thought were gone forever. Your opponent will think twice now before they root trap your lower guys and like many cards on this list, he can generate a ton of card advantage if he stays on the field for too long. Also one thing to note about this effect is that he can bring out evolution creatures which is rare.

My price prediction: $18-$25


Ra-Vu the Indomitable:


So I laughed for a couple minutes at this card. Just wow. Ra-Vu wins all battles. I mean all of them. Haven, Tritonus, Kalima, Immolator, Andromeda. You name it, he beats it. I mean i’m not sure if he’ll catch on but the possibilities for this card are just endless.

My price prediction: $8-$10

Finbarr’s Dreadnaught:


8 mana for 6000 is small but his abilities make up for it. He draws you 2 cards when he comes down which is great. In addition to that whenever one of your other creatures would be banished, you can return it to your hand instead. This card is extremely useful in control. It’s almost like a blue Gregoria’s Fortress. This thing can get really annoying, but since it doesn’t count itself, it can be easy to get around. I still think it has a place in the meta though, as it replaces itself when it comes in to play and needs to be answered before they can get to your real threats.

My price prediction: $5-$8

Doomblast Scaradorable:


8000 power for 7 ain’t bad. When he enters the battle zone he can break a shield and banish an enemy creature that is level 4 or less. Dark Scaradorable was good in his day and banishing creatures can come in handy on occasion weather it be birds or rush creatures. He could be a finisher in blurple or a tech in some control decks.

My price prediction: $5-$9

Skycrusher’s Volcano-Ship:


The ability to attack tapped creatures is always useful but he’s really expensive and suffers from not having fast attack. You mostly would just rather have a Moorna here. If it had like massive attack power or something it would be better. Still kinda cool that the General’s from clash have like moving attacking houses now.

My price prediction: $3-$4

Dawn Giant:


6000 power for 7 mana isn’t uncommon. Whenever this guy attacks, you reveal the top card of your deck and if its a creature, he pumps himself for 4000 and gets triple breaker. Maybe if Colossus’ (Colossi?) get support he could see some play, otherwise he’s a little too random to see play right now. Cool art though.

My price prediction: $2-$4

Serpens, the Spirit Shifter:


6500 for 7 mana is good and typical of light creatures, he can take on Lyra and a few other popular creatures. Whenever one of your other creatures would be banished you can put the top card of your deck in to your shields. So this card takes a little dedication to be effective but he’s great if you can abuse him. Being a dragon is always great as well. He comes in the starter deck though so he’ll be a little cheaper than if he was only in the set but solid card nonetheless.

My price prediction: $4-$7

Blitzer-Mech Falkora:


We saw from Championships how useful Shaw k’naw is from the success of mono light rush. This little guy is a little bit better than that. Unfortunately his creature types aren’t very useful right now but coming down and being able to move an annoying blocker out the way as well as swinging in the same turn is exactly what you want to be doing in rush. If people start to mix the colors of rush decks, this guy will be in them. Great card.

My price prediction: $6-$8

Krazzix the Volatile:


He starts off at 6000 power for 6 mana and gets another 2000 everytime you draw a card. When he gets up to 12000 power, he gets triple breaker. This guy suffers from the same thing as Dawn Giant, where there are just other cards you would rather use. Wizards came out with a ton of Champion cards this set though so if we ever see Champion support, this guy may get his time to shine.

My price prediction: $4-$6

Kivu, Ingenious Shaman:


Everyone has been begging for mana recursion and we finally got it. When Kivu enters the battle zone grab a card from your mana and put it in your hand, then place the top card of your deck in to the mana zone. Short and sweet. He costs a little more than people wanted but it’s nice to know the cards in your mana are no longer gone forever. Another solid card.

My price prediction: $7-$12

Obsidian Death:


6000 for 6 mana is fine. Everytime another creature dies you get to put the top card of your deck in to mana. This counts your opponents creatures as well. He’s pretty cool and can produce massive amounts of mana in Kalima control where you’re killing off your own guys as well as your opponents. 

My price prediction: $5-$7


Blinder Beetle Prime:


This card fits right into mono light rush. It’s an enforcer, it’s 5 mana and it can potentially tap 2 creatures the turn it comes out and 1 creature every turn after that. It goes exactly with the decks game plan which is to more annoying blockers out of the way of your smaller creatures. Good card that will definitely see play.

My price prediction: $4-$7

Mark of Eternal Haven:


So like all the marks, you get the chance to play a monarch a couple turns early or you get a watered down version of it’s effect. At 8 mana it’s a little expensive if your only playing a 7 drop or lower. The main allure of Eternal Haven is its ability to bring in cards like Saracon and Twilight Archon. Summoning an Eternal Haven on turn 8 is cool, but there are easier ways to do it.

My price prediction: $1

Aqua-Reflector Nomulos:


At 6 mana for 2000, it’s realistically meant to be a draw engine that you block with every turn and keep playing for cards. Unfortunately 6 mana to draw a card isn’t very good. If you want a good blocker that goes back to your hand, you’re kinda gonna want Wave Lancer. There are some mono water rush decks out there though and this isn’t bad bait for Aqua-Ranger Commander.

My price prediction: $ .50

Cyber Scamp:


This card is pretty awesome. Everytime your opponent casts a spell you get to summon another one of these little dudes from your deck. Pretty good in water based rush decks. He’s a cyber lord so you can evo him into Neuron after he’s done his thing. He can be really annoying to remove since he replaces himself so you can’t just bone blades him and he comes down early enough so your opponent can’t dig for answers without triggering him. I expect this guy to see quite a bit of play.

My price prediction: $5-$10

Curse-eye Black Feather:


This card is awesome. Discard is getting better and better and Black Feather is the cherry on top. One weakness of discard is that you were losing resources as well, with this card it’s the opposite. With the ability to draw cards while you’re dwindling your opponents hand, you can keep the pressure coming instead of going into top deck mode after a few turns.

My price prediction: $2-$4

Mark of Kalima:


So far this is the only Mark with the potential to see play. Terror Pit is a 7 mana kill anything. Mark can be an 8 mana kill 2 creatures though your opponent chooses which creatures die.  Your deck needs to be really heavy on the dark to get the most out of this card but it has some potential to see play.

My price prediction: $2

Blazetrail Gilaflame:


This card is basically the same as the original Gilaflame except it costs 1 more mana, it has 2000 more power and its and Evo! Because of the ruling of Evo’s, if you return this card to your hand, you will also return the evo bait. To play evo bait and this card in the same turn you would have to pay 7 at least. On the bright side, your opponent can’t bone blades him and Scaradorable of Gloom Hollow can’t perma-block him. He can actually be very annoying in some situations though so he could get a spot in mono red.

My price prediction: $1-$3

Onslaught Trooper:


So this guy can attack twice in one turn or attack once and keep himself from being attacked by your opponents creatures. He also can’t be affected by Lyra if he’s untapped and you can use him to circumvent one of Andromeda’s Awe Strike triggers. He could see some play in mono red rush or red based midrange decks. Not a bad card at all.

My price prediction: $1-$3

Ninja Pumpkin:


This can be very annoying against rush decks and with ramp he just might be able to save you in time. If you can pump up his power he can get more and more annoying. He’s also a nice addition to Mega Bugs where he can be a lightning rod and protect your smaller creatures from harm.

My price prediction: $2-$6

Striding Hearthwood:


At 7000 power he’s a little above the curve. With a ton of cards in this set and Clash punishing players for banishing creatures, this guy actually has an ok effect. Putting it into mana is still a kind of reward though and just like Ninja Pumpkin, he doesn’t really have the creature types to back him up. He’s pretty interesting though and if banish effects start becoming really bad, this guy could see some fringe play.

My price prediction: $1-$2

Calamity Bell:


Random discard is always good but random tapping is not. Stormspark Blast will always save you or always allow you to attack in to your opponents field. This card can’t really be depended on when you really need it. Maybe at 4 or 5 mana it would be much more playable, or even if it said tap all enemy creatures equal to and lower. Still though, it’s good enough that it could see some play as a 1 or 2 of just as an occasional extra Stormspark and as more and more creatures that can’t be targeted are revealed you’re gonna want blanket effects.

My price prediction: $1-$4

Zoltara the Mercenary:


The new cycle of battle mages are a little underwhelming compared to the Clash cycle. Giving your whole field blocker is something we got last set in the form of Zone Defense. Zone Defense didn’t see much play but this card is attached to a body and can also pick off a card from your opponents hand while he’s at it. Random discard would’ve made this card a bit better. The field wide blocker can be useful in some situations but i think he’ll be outclassed by other cards.

My price prediction: $1-$2

Axos the Avenger:


So as with Zoltara field wide blocker is neat but not always good. The second effect is just not strong enough on a 6 drop. Zoltara has a better chance than this guy just because the discard is better than the banish. Cool art though and he’s got enforcer going for him.

My price prediction: $.50-$1



I think we got spoiled by Piercing Judgment being so good for its mana cost so the cycle in Shattered looks a little worse. This card is actually not bad. It’s either a Tornado Flame or a Lyra both of which are great. It needed to be a little cheaper(mana wise) or do both abilities but it’s still removal and that’s always incredibly desirable on a shield blast. This card, like Calamity Bell is good enough that it could see play in the occasional deck, just it’s not the auto 3 of people were looking for.

My price prediction: $1-$4

Mar-Blurpa the Weaponsmith:


I think this cycle of battle mages suffers from costing too much for their effects. Drawing a card and banishing a small creature are both nice effects, it’s just 6 mana is a bit too much to pay for it.

My price prediction: $1-$3

Scalding Surge:


This card is the one new multi colored spell that gets the closest comparison to Piercing Judgment. They both cost 4 however Piercing does two effects and this card gives you the choice of 1(rock bite or veil vortex). It would definitely see play in fire/water decks just because of the options. It’s not as versatile as Piercing but it’s still a fine card in multi colored decks if you were gonna run Veil Vortex anyway.

My price prediction: $2-$4



This card gets immediately compared to Grip of Despair because they’re almost the same except Crystalize forces the player to place a card from their hand in to mana instead of discarding it. Because of that people automatically assumed it was worse which it’s not as bad. Sure it’s not as hard on the opponent as Grip but they’re still losing a card and it’s still a Root Trap against an opponent with no hand. Not only that but it’s a bit more versatile than Grip. I’ve flipped Grip with Bottle of Wishes on my opponents empty field and was forced to bounce my own creature and discard a card.  Crystalize is a lot less punishing and allows for more combo’s by allowing you to bounce your own stuff and mana ramp, even if it is from your hand.

My price prediction: $2-$5

Otuska the Infused:


This and Skaak(Darkness/Nature) are probably the battle mages with the best shot at seeing play. 6 mana for sprout and a draw 1 is a bit more reasonable and Cyber Lord and Beast Kin are both great creature types to have.

My price prediction: $1-$3

Foul Mana:


Way too expensive. Nature and Darkness have much better cards they can play. The effects on it are fine but not for 6 mana.

My price prediction: $.50-$1

Skaak the Stinger:


This card is pretty straight forward. Discard, mana ramp, and a body for 6 isn’t the worst thing on the planet and it has Chimera and Mega Bug for creature types which are both relevant. Just like Otuska, it’s a little expensive but it has some good things going for it.

My price prediction: $2-$4

Uncommons/Commons:(For those of you who don’t know, when i say “Limited”, i mean tournaments where you open booster packs and make your deck from the cards you pull)

Blade Barrier:


This card does the same thing as Lyra for 3 mana. While Mesmorize replaced Razorkinder Puppet, Lyra has a bigger body than Puppet did. While it won’t replace Lyra, it can definitely compliment it giving control another tool against rush and rush another tool against control (funny how that works). Solid, good card.

My price prediction:  $.50 – $.75



If this card was an enforcer, it might have a shot but battle sphere is a little irrelevant. Limited play only for now.

My price prediction: $.10

Replicator Patrol:


This card is pretty cool. 2 or even 3 Blockers for the price of 1 is awesome and even better if you have a Panopter on the field. 3500 power isn’t bad either, allowing it to take on the likes of Keeper of Laws. He could definitely see play in some Blocker decks.

My price prediction: $.25 – $.50



This card has potential. It can save you from losing the game in the nick of time. It might be a little situational to see play but not bad nonetheless.

My price prediction: $.25-$.50



It’s a 7000 when it blocks and it’s an enforcer. A lot of the evo’s we’re getting are getting stronger and harder to hold off. 7000 on turn 5 can be very helpful with helping control get in to the late game. He’s got potential but there are probably more important choices for constructed. He’s nice in Limited though.

My price prediction: $.25

Angler Cluster:


It’s basically Frogzooka with a different creature type. If Undertow Engine’s get some kind of support than maybe this card sees some play, otherwise he and Frogzooka are both taking a back seat for a while.

My price prediction: $ .10



Not much to say here. Not very strong and doesn’t have a relevant creature type. Limited only.

My price prediction: $.10

Deep mind probe:


This card is actually pretty good. Sets up draws, moves dead cards to the bottom and replaces itself. With shield blast and at 3 mana it has the potential to compete with Logos Scan. It does what control wants and can even set up Hive Queen plays in Mega-Bugs. I’ll be playtesting this card and you guys shouldn’t be surprised if it shows up this KMC season.

My price prediction: $.50

Phase Scout:


This card should become a staple in blue based rush decks and it’s an aquan so it can evolve in to Aqua Ranger Commander later on. It’s also great in Limited.

My price prediction: $.50-$.75

Recon Mission:


This card is alright. It’s nice at 2 mana but you probably want some more reliable and immediate draw if you’re trying to rush your opponent.

My price prediction: $.10

Dagger Doll:


If the point of Slayer is that they’re going to die anyway, than power doesn’t really matter. There are better cheaper slayers you could be running. He’s nice in limited though where removal isn’t that great and your opponent just dropped their bomb.

My price prediction: $.10

Gaunt Boneweaver:


It’s probably only gonna get it’s effect off once and then die blocking. It’s alright against rush but Gloom Hollow and or Grudge Weaver are probably better choices here. There are a lot of small creatures in limited though so he might have some use there.

My price prediction: $.10

Ghost Bite:


This card is good enough to compete with Bone Blades next format. This card is more useful throughout the game but Bone Blades can take out the likes of Keeper of Laws, Gilaflame, and most of the rush Evo’s. Bone Blades probably wins out here slightly but it’s nice to see the game progressing and forcing us to playtest and make those tough decisions. Give it a try!

My price prediction: $.50-$.75

Maddening Whispers:


One of the best cards in the set hands down. Control will want to play it and Discard based decks will start to emerge because of this card and many others in this set. A discard 2 is spectacular even if they get to choose and it’s still ok against Keeper of Laws. Mesmorize turn 3, Fumes/Spire Puppet turn 4 and this on turn 5 is enough to kill most hands while maintaining a hand of your own. Definitely be prepared to see this card in the format.

My price prediction: $1-$3



It’s cute and it’s a Chimera so it has some support but it doesn’t really have enough going for it to see play at the moment.

My price prediction: $.10

Blastforge Scrapper:


It’s a Drakon and it’s not too expensive to see play in red rush. Having drakon also gives you one of a few card that can evo into Blazetrail Gilaflame in limited.

My price prediction: $.25

Cinder Fist:


The ability to attack untapped creatures is good but Overcharge and the Clash Battle Mages are probably better choices if you need that kind of thing. Combo’s well with slayers in limited though if your desperate to take down an opponents big creature.

My price prediction: $.10

Magma Ram:


Blockers are getting stronger and stronger so cards like this have bigger chances to see play. It’s gotta feel good to take out your opponents Twilight Archon with this guy. There’s quite a few blockers in this set so it’s nice in limited as well.

My price prediction.: $.25-$.75

Skytalon Harrier:


Giving Fast Attack is useful and it’s awesome when you’re trying to push for game in red rush. Often your one fast attacker away from the win and with this guy on the field, your chances are much better. Not having Drakon is a bit of a downer though.

My price prediction: $.50

Sledgehammer Slammer:


Name rolls right off the tongue doesn’t it? Doesn’t have much of a shot in competitive decks but a potential 5000 for 4 in limited is alright.

My price prediction: $.10

Headstrong Wanderer:


Beast Kin’s actually have quite a bit of support and this dudes a nice addition to it. My friend actually had a mono nature deck back during Evo Fury which was successful so who knows what the future has in store for Beast Kin’s. There are also a fair number of Beast Kin within the set so he can be really good in Limited if you pull the right stuff.

My price prediction: $.25

Jarbala Keeper:


There are cheaper and better Beast Kins if you really need one.

My price prediction: $.10



Awesome limited card but not very useful anywhere else.

My price prediction: $.10

Transforming Totem:


Hand to mana zone is not the best thing and mana upon death doesn’t make up for it. Blocker would have been nice but it would have to be part light for that.

My price prediction: $.10

Wild Growth:


Ramping by 2 mana is strong but losing 2 cards from your hand to do it is not so good.

My price prediction: $.10

The Quartz’s:


The Quartz cycle are still not ready to have their time in the light. At the moment mono colored creatures still have a large presence in decks so these don’t really get much competitive play just yet. They’re also all quartz type creatures so they don’t have evo’s or any other kind of support. They’re great in limited though where they help you get right over your opponents creatures and are often pumping by 2000 power.

My price prediction: $.10

Lost Patrol:


This is an aggressive card in 2 colors that aren’t normally very aggressive. In current decks, he doesn’t fit anywhere but as more cards like these are released you can expect many different color combinations to have aggro variants. On the bright side this is one of the strongest commons you can pull in Limited.

My price prediction: $.10

Spire Puppet:


Fumes is starting to get a resurgence in play and this card is Fumes and more. He has 500 more power and his discard is random. The only difference is Spire Puppet is part light so if your running a deck with no light, then you have to run Fumes. Still i really like this card and i expect it to see some play next season in control decks.

My price prediction: $.50



4500 power Skirmisher/Blocker for 2 is awesome but i’m not sure how much i like him dying as soon as he wins a battle. I feel like that 500 power isn’t worth running him over Aqua Strider if you have that choice. If he had 5000 power than it would be a bit better but as it stands he can’t really take on anything that Aqua Strider can’t. If you’re not running water it could see some play and enforcer is always a good thing.

My price prediction: $.10

Tar Gusher:


Kinda cool if you’re making a fun slayer deck or if down the line Light/Darkness rush becomes a deck, not much other use right now. Great pseudo removal in Limited.

My price prediction: $.10

Flamewing Phoenix:


This kind of “Creature into Shield” effect is usually better on blockers because your opponent will rarely attack in to it but with that ability to turn in to a 5000 every turn, they’ll have to kill it eventually. Unfortunately he probably won’t see play because there’s more important stuff you want to run right now but he’s alright.

My price prediction: $.10

Metal Max:


2 drop 3500 creature with Enforcer to boot. What more could you want? If Fire/Light Rush becomes a thing, this card will be a 3 of in it.

My price prediction: $.50

Plasma Pincer:


This card is pretty awesome. It grows to a 5000 when it attacks and then untaps at the end of the turn, keeping himself safe from harm. Even though it doesn’t have any supported creature types, it’s strong enough to see play in rush decks and strong in limited.

My price prediction: $.25

Prototype Gunship:


This card works well against rush decks where you can get a block out of him and kill one of their small creatures. 2 for the price of one. Fire and Light isn’t traditionally a control combination so i’m not sure how much play he’ll see though.

My price prediction: $.10

Aqua Trooper XJ-3:


It’s a little weak for constructed, even if it has Power Attacker. The lack of Fast Attack and high mana cost prevent this card from applying much pressure. Awesome in Limited though where there’s almost no way to permanently get rid of this guy.

My price prediction: $.10



He’s got potential but his low power is a hindrance. Aqua Seneschal is better here most of the time but i guess  Fire/Water rush decks can use him in the future just because of that fast attack. There isn’t a whole ton of draw in limited so he can be a useful asset there if you can protect him for a few turns.

My price prediction: $.25

Flame-Vent Diver:


Just like Metal Max, this guy could see play if Fire/Water rush decks get some more support in the future. Having Drakon is always great and being a 2 drop 3000 power is good as well.

My price prediction: $.25

Unstable Rockhound:


Rusalka is probably better if you’re looking for cheap bounce on a creature and neither of it’s creature types have any support right now.

My price prediction: $.10



It has 500 more power than Full Metal Lemon but trades Skirmisher for Guard. Full Metal Lemon saw some play so i don’t see why this card can’t either. Seems like a nice addition for non-Light control decks.

My price prediction: $.25



This card has a ton of good things going for it. You get to draw a card each time it attacks and if it ever dies you get to put him in to your mana. Along with that he’s got a hefty 4000 power and he’s part Cyber Lord, all for 4 mana. I can definitely see this guy getting some play in Mega Bug decks as his abilities and power more than make up for the 1 mana difference between him and Aqua Seneschal. Great card.

My price prediction: $.50-$1

Squall Darter:


Probably an auto include in Mega Bug decks. 2 great creature types, 1 of which is Mega Bug. Power Attack +2000 so it can take on its fair share of creatures and unblockable to get past pesky blockers and right in to those shields. This card fits so well in to Mega Bugs it’s not even funny. Ok it’s a little funny.

My price prediction: $.50

Wavebreaker Tribe:


Aqua Sabretooth decks are making a comeback and this guy is perfect for it. He’s got Beast Kin so he can Evo right into Bronze Arm Sabretooth. He’s also got Aquan which can Evo in to Aqua Ranger Commander who is slowly rising in popularity as Aquan’s get better and better cards. If those 2 reasons weren’t enough, he’s got a respectable 3000 body for 2 mana to boot.

My price prediction: $.50

Goop Striker:


If you’re gonna take out an opponents big creature, you might as well get some mana while your doing it. I can kinda see this guy getting some play in Kalima decks and like i’ve said Slayer is an awesome thing to have in limited.

My price prediction: $.25

Haunted Harvest:


Unfortunately if your opponent is attacking, you’re most likely only gonna get 1 block out of this guy. Ramping is nice in limited though when you’re waiting to cast that big creature you pulled.

My price prediction: $.10

Masked Gravewing:


This guy is actually pretty interesting. He could go in to Kalima where you can bring back your dead friends however, getting your opponents creatures tapped will be hard unless you run Light. There may be more dependable cards out there but if you find yourself testing Light in Kalima Control, i would give this guy a test.

My price prediction: $.25-$.50

Terror Hound:


5000 power for 4 isn’t bad and Beast Kin is always welcome. Beefy in Limited if you need an early beater and has some potential for Constructed.

My price prediction: $.25


Necrose, Nightmare Bloom:


This card got a lot of attention thanks to the Kalima Control deck piloted by James of the Wizards R&D team. It works perfectly in that deck and i think people realized it can work well in other decks as well. You get a creature back from the discard pile to your hand when he’s summoned and you can summon a creature level 5 or lower. Creature recursion is useful no matter what deck your playing and some of the best creatures in the game are level 5 and lower. His low 3000 power is made obsolete by the fact that he’s 2 creatures for the price of 1. Right now everyone immediately thinks of Kalima Control when they see this guy but expect to see him in all kinds of decks that can support his colors.

My price prediction: $12-$15 (NOTE: This card is selling for almost 20 at the time of this article however i predict it will settle down a bit as more copies go in to circulation)

Cyber Walker Kaylee:


This guy can come down and revenge kill small creatures early in the game and is virtually immune to retaliation as he’ll just go back to your hand. There’s a lot of good 3000 and lower power creatures in the format and the ability to come down and kill them or tie with them without fear is pretty useful. Cyber Lord is good to have as well and we’re getting more and more Stompers so they may get some support as well.

My price prediction: $3-$5

Veil Stalker:


This card has one of my favorite arts so far and luckily he’s a good card as well. 6 for 6000 is standard and when he is summoned your opponent discards a card at random and if it’s 3 mana or less, you draw a card. As Keeper of Laws grows in popularity, we’ll look to creature abilities to give us a hand. He’s got a bigger body than Razorkinder Puppet and random discard can do the job just fine. The draw ability added on to it is just butter. With Mesmerize and Maddening Whispers backing this card up, you can expect to kill your opponents hand often and it has the power to trade with strong stuff like Lyra if need be. Also with the amount of Champions we’ve been getting, this guy has a shot at getting even better as time goes on.Probably one of the better Set Premiere promo’s we’ve gotten.

My price prediction: $6-$8

Ba’kaar Frostwing:


11000 power for 8 mana is actually pretty great and Dragon is probably the best creature type you can have these days. He can only be blocked by a very small amount of creatures and when he wins a battle, you can draw 2 cards. He gives you a ton of options. You can go in on the shields with an unblockable beast or you can gather your resources back by going after their creatures. Solid, playable card.

My price prediction: $4-$6

Death Liger the Justicar:


Last but not least is our Starter Deck Super Rare, Death Liger!! Power subtraction is great and versatile and an on the field tap engine can be very powerful. While Twilight Archon turns every tap spell in to a terror pit, this guy flips it around a bit and adds tap to every banish ability you have. Death Liger and Twilight Archon actually compliment each other nicely. This card also combo’s well with Gregoria’s Fortress. This guy has a ton of combo potential and continues the streak of playable starter deck cards started in Clash. With this guy and Serpens showing up in the deck, you can expect them to fly off shelves so get yours soon if you plan on running those colors.

My price prediction: $5-$7

All in all Shattered Alliances is a great set with a ton of powerful and valuable cards. Expect the meta to change quite a bit and always keep cards in the back of your head because they may not be playable today but tomorrow is a different story. Thanks a ton for reading and feel free to leave comments and give me suggestions. Look out for my next article but until then go crack those Shattered packs and playtest, playtest, playtest!!

Also check out my team channel this weekend where i’ll have a case opening and some coverage of our set premiere:

And check out for all your Shattered Alliances needs including booster boxes for $60

Introducing: Peer into the Veil

Hellooooooooo Kaijudo duelists and random passerby!! My name is Rafael Taveras and boy has it been a journey to get to this point. Some of you know me and most of you don’t, but hopefully by the end of this article that will have changed. In this article I will describe my Kaijudo journey from start to finish and I’ll outline my role here and what kind of awesome stuff you can expect to read from me.

I’m 20 years old and i’ve been a New Yorker all my life. It’s had it’s ups and downs but I’ve been playing card games for the better chunk of my life. Years ago, for my birthday, my elder brother took me to Toys R’ Us to buy a starter deck for the newly released Pokemon TCG. I’ve been playing card games ever since. I’ve played Yu-gi-oh, Magic: The Gathering, Naruto, Zatch Bell, Chaotic, Cardfight!! Vanguard and most recently Kaijudo.

Card games, like books, have always allowed me to transport myself out of my regular mundane world and become something or someone else. I get to call upon various creatures and channel hundreds of spells in my attempts to outsmart my opponent in card game after card game. It’s a feeling I crave and I think you guys do as well.

The Journey Begins

My foray into Kaijudo began a little over a year ago when it was just “Dojo Edition” and the “Tatsurion Vs. Razorkinder” Decks. A friend of mine, Femi, was driving around looking for them and I had tagged along for the ride. I was playing Cardfight!! Vanguard and Magic at the time and wasn’t really that into either games meta. So I was ready to give something new a shot. After having no luck at the first few shops, we used Wizards’ nifty store locator and boom we found a store in downtown New York City. Femi purchased the decks and a few days later, we were knee deep in the world of Kaijudo. Once you get competitive and start doing well in tournaments, you look at the game differently. So lets take this moment to think back to when we all first started and sucked at the game and argued about rulings we were wrong about. I think those times are the best because you’re truly just playing to have a good time, but let’s move on from memory lane.

Femi and I purchased some packs at the store we originally found and soon after we were going online to find a place where we could buy a booster box. I was trying to make WDL, which is what I was using in Magic, so I had my eye on the combo-tastic Alcadeus, Winged Justice. We ordered the booster box and 4 grueling days of waiting later, it had arrived. I was afraid I wouldn’t get what I wanted but 2 or 3 packs in there he was in all his angelic glory. I got some stuff off of ebay and tried to build up my deck as much as I could.

Soon it was time for Rise of the Duel Masters. I went to my locals after class and found a slew of new people itching to get into the game.There were also old duel masters players excited to get back into the fray. The room was filled with people who would become my friends, opponents, and teammates and I couldn’t wait to see what I was capable of. We had a few tournaments and I actually performed well in them, earning the recognition of the more experienced duel masters players including  former numero uno player Tom Rogers! But my true first test came in the form of a $100 tournament at a store about an hour away.

First Big Tournament!

Hyperspeed Dragon was making big waves in the meta and WDF dragons was the deck to beat.   However I was still sticking with my WDL control deck comboing Alcadeus with cards like Aqua Seneschal, Shaw K’Naw, and Gigastand. While I loved my deck I realized I might need some back up if I wanted to take down Hyperspeed and his gang, so I added fire to my deck for Tornado Flame and Moorna, Gatling Dragon. I recall getting some inspiration from one of CVH’s early articles on ARG when he was piloting a very similar deck.

I arrived at the store first and the duelists started pouring in, including some of my friends from locals. I don’t remember the matchups too well but I went X-1 and made top 4 along with another friend, Zach. In top 4 I got a shot at revenge when I get paired up against the guy who beat me in swiss. I believe he was running a kind of WDF deck but this time I was able to come out on top. In top 2 I faced the infamous macho man Randy Savage. Ok just kidding, his name was Mike Savage but same difference. He had promptly 2-0’ed my friend so I felt I had to get some sweet sweet revenge. Unfortunately things didn’t go as planned. I remember being able to stabilize after killing his hand but with no shields and no blockers (Blame Comet Missile for my low blocker count in deck) he top decked Bolt-Tail the great and beat me most mercilessly!!! I was initially disappointed but eventually thrilled with my performance as the other guys from locals cheered me up and praised my skills.


I soon began exploring ideas for the upcoming KMCs. I didn’t expect much but I wanted to give it my best shot. In the weeks leading up to the big tournament I decided to try to punish the slower control decks by including cheap and fast discard like Specter Claw, Fumes, and Gigastand over slower control staples like Crystal Memory, Keeper of Dawn, and Skull Shatter. I just felt like I wanted to punish my opponent as quickly as I could instead of gaining incremental advantage.

Days before the KMC I cut Gigastand, realizing that I would often have to break shields to get his effect and that would be counter productive to the game plan. Femi got his dad’s van and a butt ton of us piled in to make the hour and a half drive up to Poughkeepsie, NY. Last minute I purchased a pair of Saracon, Storm Dynamo and put them along with a set of Dragonstrike all star Bottle of Wishes in the hopes that it would make my shield blasts more threatening.

Here’s the list I sleeved up:

Light (14)

3 Lux

3 Lyra, the Blazing Sun

3 Andromeda of the Citadel

2 Sun-Stalk Seed

3 Stormspark Blast

Water (9)

3 Logos Scan

1 Spy Mission

2 Nix

3 Bottle of Wishes

1 Veil Vortex

1 Rusalka, Aqua Chaser

Dark (21)

2 Dracothane of the Abyss

3 Terror Pit

3 Bone Blades

2 Death Smoke

3 Specter Claw

3 Fumes

2 Razorkinder Puppet

3 Scaradorable of Gloom Hollow

Light/Water (2)

2 Saracon, Storm Dynamo

Total: 46

I’ll spare you a tournament report because there’s still a lot I’ve got to say but the deck worked extremely well and rewarded me with a 2nd Place finish. I was extremely happy and excited at the prospect of going to Seattle. Paying for it was something else entirely. I sold off most of my more valuable Magic cards however things came up and my Seattle fund kept dwindling. Much as I wanted to go, it seemed like paying for it was going to be an insurmountable barrier. Then my good friend Luis came to the rescue offering to loan me the money to go as well as coming along himself to take his shot in the last chance qualifiers.

Seattle, Oh yeah!

We make it to Seattle Washington!!!!! Unfortunately Luis didn’t make it, and I had to leave him at the hotel on R&D day. I was able to talk to everyone at wizards and  thank them for putting together such an amazing event. But finally it was time to head home and make some last minute changes to my deck.

I knew I was going to run LWD control, that’s just my thing. I added in two General Finbarr for some extra oomph and threw in a lone King Coral in the hopes that I could catch some people off guard. I had also been running a full set of Gregoria’s Fortress for quite a while now, so I had a ton of faith that my deck was good. In game 3 of the 1st round my opponent bottles into Infernus the Awakened and proceeds to dominate me. I walk it off and try to look ahead. I win the next 2 rounds and then I take a disheartening loss to mega bugs piloted by Michael Schwartz. My chances at the championship are over. I think back on what I’ve gotten that weekend and realize that while it would have been spectacular to make top 8, I’d already gotten so much more than that. My new buddy Tyler Winther shared my fate but we both vowed to each other that next time would be different (yea that moment was so boss). I said many thanks and farewells and got a chance to do a player interview and Andrea Cole gave me an Old Man Winter!!!! (yay) and now here I am!!

Peer into the Veil

In my article column entitled “Peer into the Veil” I’ll be bringing you my opinions on card prices as well as giving you the inside scoop on some cards that I think are under the radar. So if I think there’s a card that’s about to make a splash in the meta I’ll let you know what’s up. I’ll also be giving you tips on which cards you should be picking up and how much you should be paying for them. Thanks so much for reading and look out for my first inaugural “Peer into the Veil” where I’ll be reviewing the newest set, Shattered Alliances, as well as giving you my insight into what you can expect card values to be. Until then keep breaking those shields and cracking those packs!!!