Scrolls of Strategy

Scrolls of Strategy

Whats up Kaijudo fans this is Nathan Bond AKA Ramboscoob333 and today I want to talk to you about the Light Civilization.  Light has been progressively seeing more play since Dragonstrike Infernus came out.  Prior to Dragonstrike it was considered one of the weakest civilizations.  Now, Light could just possibly be the strongest civilization in the game.  Cards like Andromeda of the Citadel and Lyra the Blazing Sun allow you to recover from a losing position easily.  Now we have the Monarch as well that gives you even more reason to play light.  So this begs the question what is the best offense and defense to play against light now that it is getting so strong.

Light has been given a strong ability in having creatures that cannot be the target of spells or abilities in the form of Eternal Haven and Keeper of Laws.  These creatures allow decks like the LWD Control decks to build a field and then go in for game with no fear of not being able to win instantly because these creatures can’t be targeted.  So how do you set up a defense against this.  Well there is a small list of cards that most people don’t use that is very helpful against these cards.  Both Ensnare and Devouring Smog are helpful in shields because they can actually get rid of either of these two cards.  Both of these spells force your opponent to chose an untapped creature to get rid of, allowing you to bypass the standard rules that prevent you from targeting them.  Additionally a Stormspark Blast in shields is one of the best defenses that you can have.

Now on offense there are other ways to deal with these cards.  Ripper Reaper and Queen Kalima both give you ways of removing them on your turn.  There is also Shell Dome a creature that no one uses because it was a Root Trap that your opponent chose the target of but it was still a creature.  Now that these cards that cannot be targeted are getting more popular having cards that will still allow you to get rid of them are essential.  Kronax the Brutal is even more helpful now because you can turn any creature into a slayer and make it able to attack untapped creatures.  Eternal Haven also is week to Crimson Wyvern and due to nature of Eternal Haven putting more Blockers in play, casting a Crimson Wyvern will generally destroy more than just Eternal Haven.

So now that we know what can get rid of these strong cards, how do you deal with the benefits gained from cards like Lyra and Andromeda.  Well honestly one of the easiest ways is just play a deck that is to fast.  Rush and tempo decks can generally win before Andromeda sees play, and also be fast enough to not be bothered by the hold down of Lyra.  Though after Andromeda enters play many decks struggle to be able to push for game.  Heretic Prince Var-Rakka allows decks like Saber-Bolt to win against such cards since it can fast attack to break the shields as well as return to the hand for safety so that Andromeda does not revenge kill.

One of the biggest keys to playing well against Light in the current meta is speed, but Light is not only seen in control decks.  Mono light is one of the better rush decks at the moment. This deck is extremely aggressive and difficult for most to deal with.  So should you be stuck against mono light just remember all rush decks struggle when you continually remove the creatures from the field.

Well that is it Kaijudo fans.  Enjoy your future games against the Light Civilization and the continuing KMC season.  This is Nathan Bond Jacking out.