Scrolls of Strategy

Scrolls of Strategy

Hello Kaijudo fans this is Nathan Bond A.K.A Ramboscoob333 and I am here to talk to you about innovation today.  When it comes to strategy innovation is both a good and a bad thing.  If you want to be competitive in the tournament setting innovation can let you have an advantage against everyone else, but that makes you wonder how can this be bad because it is obvious why it would be good.  Well this article will not only explain to you why it is good and bad but also how to make it where it is always in your advantage.

Innovation is good for the game in general, it brings new decks to the fore front as well as new card combinations that others have not thought to use.  This keeps the game alive as well as keeping it in an ever changing state.  The one thing that people should want to avoid is a game where innovation is frowned upon, isn’t rewarded, or isn’t possible.  For the game to evolve and continue to expand this has to be possible.  So lets start with some benefits of innovation, how can it actually reward you.  The first true benefit is being successful.  If a person is innovative and makes the next big deck and no one knows about it they could go as far as to win the tournament that they take the deck to.  The next benefit is recognition, this is one thing that everyone enjoys.  Everyone likes to be given credit when they have done something really cool.  The last benefit is when the deck or tech cards are still unknown to the public is the element of surprise.

So these are some good benefits but how could this be bad.  The biggest problem with innovation is a person will make a new deck claim it to be the best thing in the world but not test it.  This is a ploy to get people to play the deck without testing it themselves.  Without testing a deck to make sure that it works as any person says it does is asking for trouble.  Also an abundance of this scares people off from trying new things.  So this offers the big question how do I be innovative and avoid this, and that brings me to the most important part of this topic.


The key to this is simple when you try something new test it against every good deck in the meta.  Don’t stop testing it until you are comfortable with the results.  Now that you have done that, start testing against decks that aren’t popular in the meta any more a good example deck would be Blurple, as many don’t play it at all, and some people haven’t even seen the deck at all since they started after it had it’s prime.  Now that you have tested the deck and know it works put it on trail at your local store to broaden your testing pool to make sure it works against different play styles along with different decks, and if it does you are now ready to show it to the world in the way that you see fit.  This can be through video on a major social media site to taking it to a Kaijudo Master Challenge and winning an invite with it.  Any form that feels comfortable to you as the innovator.

So now that we had discussed how to take advantage of innovation lets discuss when it is helpful and when it isn’t.  Obviously we all want to win an invite to attend the championship, but when is it a good idea to be innovative.  This comes down to your comfort as a player with being the one that would be playing the so called “rouge” deck.  Though it may not be that after the deck goes public prior to the tournament it would be considered so, a great example of this would be Greed Dragons.  Prior to its unveiling last tournament season a deck like that was never heard of, but then that style of deck took the meta by storm.  Secondly, is the deck you have designed consistent.  If the answer to this is no, then the deck is not ready to be used.  A deck could be able to make the most powerful plays ever but if it isn’t consistent then it doesn’t have the potential to win any major tournament.

I would like to leave you with a few cards to consider out of the new set when it comes to innovation, the first being Boran, the Reality Shaper.   This card gives you field more longevity than any card before ever has since it has the potential to replace any card that gets banished, this opens room for combos with cards like Ripper Reaper.  The next card I would like to bring to consideration is Finbar’s Dreadnaught as it as well is a defense for your field, but a word of warning the effect of this card is mandatory so it does not combo well with other cards.   The third and last card I would like people to consider is Deathliger the Justicar.  Deathliger combos extremely well with cards like Twilight Archon as well as many other cards that already exist.  That is all Kaijudo fans, this is Nathan Bond jacking out, peace out everyone.