Scrolls of Strategy

Scrolls of Strategy

What’s up Kaijudo fans this is Nathan Bond AKA Ramboscoob333 and today I want to talk to you about deck archetypes.  Most of the competitive players know what these are already but a new player could be confused when they look at these titles.  So for all of you who are clueless or for those of you who just want a refresher here is a little assistance, as well as some strategic tips for each type.



For starters there is the most basic deck type, rush.  Rush is the fastest deck type a person can play and is usually a mono civilization deck.  With many rush decks outside of the few spells put in for support the highest cost card in the deck is 5.  Also, any spell in a rush deck should either cost very little or be a shield blast.  The current best rush decks are mono light and mono fire, but I would suggest people to watch out for light fire and water nature rush with the release of Shattered Alliances.  With rush it is best to use evolutions and creatures with fast attack and use as many low cost creatures as possible.  To finish off rush the card I wish to suggest for people to look forward to is Blitzer-Mech Falkora.



Next is the tempo archetype.  The biggest advantage of a tempo deck is that it makes plays that advance your own field state while worsening your opponent’s.  Progression is key with a tempo decks.  These decks make plays with cards like Hydra Medusa and Humonculon that will allow you to remove a creature from your opponent’s field while gaining a creature of your own.  Also lessening cards in your opponents hand or increasing your own hand size play to this style of deck, with cards like Fumes and Aqua Seneschal.  With the next set Blitzer-Mech Falkora works very well here as well, but so does Spire Puppet.



The third major deck type is mid range.  Mid range decks are aggressive decks by nature but they also contain cards that let them control the field to support that aggression.  These decks try to have a strong early game and get to the late game as quickly as possible so their finisher cards can end the game quickly before they can be answered.  These decks will want to play finishers like Heretic Prince Var-rakka since they can break multiple shields with fast attack, and will want to play them sooner through either the use of firebirds or nature cards that provide more mana sooner.



Control is the last major deck archetype.  Control decks want to play cards that remove threats from in play and in the opponent’s hand.  They will refuse to attack until they are ready to win, trying to starve the opponent for resources.  New cards like Queen Kalima and Twilight Archon do this well by being finishers for the deck.  These decks have been very popular as of late.  The main creatures that will see play in control decks are finishers, blockers, and those that let them control the field.



Most people will say that that is it, but Shattered Alliances will introduce one new archetype to this game.  This deck type is combo.  Combo decks are still control decks at heart but they add a twist to the normal control deck.  Instead of making powerful single card plays, a combo deck will play multitudes of cards together whose synergy creates a play far greater than the cards would be on their own.  A nice combo that is now available is Ripper Reaper with Necrose, Nightmare Bloom.  It works so well because Necrose gives you a creature when it comes into play and becomes a creature for you to use Ripper Reapers ability on, for far less mana than it would usually cost to have this possible.

So those are the current deck archetypes in the game.  Not every deck will fit ideally into one of these archetypes because many could fit in two of the categories.  That is it for me people, so this is Nathan Bond signing out, peace out friends, and if there is something strategy related you would like me to write an article on leave it in the comments below.