Deck Guru

Deck Guru

Hello Everyone!

Thanks for tuning into my introductory article! My name is Robby Stewart. Some of you may know me, but since this is my first article, I want to introduce myself and maybe you’ll learn something new about me.

A Little History:

I started out in TCGs because I watched the original Yugioh series. I bought some packs and after a couple of years of having no idea how to actually play the game, I decided to read the rulebook. I found a couple of friends whom also played the game, and soon enough I was at my first local scrubbing out.

After some time playing Yugioh, and not really enjoying the atmosphere, I decided to branch out and play some different TCG’s. I have played Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, WOW TCG, and finally settled on a little old game called Duel Masters.

So right when I picked up Duel Masters, I loved it. DM had everything I was looking for.  It was fast paced, but still allowed for a level of skill and control that a lot of other TCGs just didn’t have. I immediately sold all my other TCG cards and picked up as many Duel Masters cards as possible. I played in a few Tournaments of the 5 Civilizations and I even won one. All my practice and love for the game culminated into what was, at the time, the best TCG experience I ever had: The Duel Masters Continental Champs (Where I wound up getting a respective 9thplace). Sadly, after the champs DM started to die down in the US, and support for the game whittled away. Thus, my passion for TCGS.

The Road to Seattle:

I kind of messed around with Yugioh & WOW TCG during the period between Duel Masters and Kaijudo. However, when I saw the announcement for Kaijudo, I almost couldn’t believe it. Suddenly, 1TVR hit the shelves, and my passion for TCG’s was once again reignited. I got to see so many old friends and buddies whom I hadn’t seen since DM ended. It was a awesome, and I got to be around other people who loved the game as much as I did.

Organized play was amazing. I loved road tripping with my buddies to the various KMC’s, getting to meet the different people, and checking out the other locals. I was able to participate in 3 different KMCs, and I was in the top 8 three times in a row. On my third attempt, I won my invitation to Seattle.

Then Seattle happened. It was hands down the best time I’ve ever had playing TCGs. Saturday was amazing and Sunday was one heck of an intense tournament. Every competitor was on their A game. After getting stomped by CVH’s Mono-Light deck round 3, I was able to win the rest of my matches all the way to the finals, where I met my good friend Bobby Brake. You can go check out the match on

What to Expect:

I love building decks and messing around with a variety of fun, serious, and budget decks. Most of my articles will have me being a Deck Guru. Some weeks might be me personally building a deck, and other times I will hopefully hear from the many of you submitting decks for me to fix or change (like a deck doctor)! So stay tuned!

For all deck submissions please send your complete list

Please Include:
– Your Deck list. (Please send a written deck list, not a screenshot.)
– Your name and city.
– Remember – please use full card names! No Abbreviations and miss-spellings please!
– A paragraph or two describing your deck: what it does, why you’re playing it, and its strengths and weaknesses.
– Don’t forget! The cooler and more out of the box your deck is the more I’ll want to fix it, so don’t be afraid to get creative!(Hint: New cards/decks will get priority)