My name is Robert Arguelles, I am 25 and the CEO and President of both ToysNow LLC and During my free time, which is not much, I love the outdoors, playing card games with friends and spending quality time with my fiancé. Some of my credentials are 10+ years experience in  gaming industry, Eagle Scout, Math Academic Team, Academic Decathlon Team, and Bilingual in Spanish. Gaming has been on top of my priority list since I was 13 years old whether it was Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon and most recently Kaijudo. Picking up most games was a breeze, but playing on a competitive level is another story. I began playing at the competitive level when I was 18 through Pokemon finishing amongst the top 64 at my second Nationals. I won my first Kaijudo master challenge, have multiple Magic The Gathering Grand Prix day 2’s (Grand Prix’s being tournaments with 1500+ players needing a record of 7-2 to make day 2) and have been in the competitive side of gaming for almost 7 years now. If I can give one piece of advice to both the novice and competitive player it would be Practice, Practice and more Practice.

We here at have put together a team of experts in all aspects of collectible and competitive card games. All our article content for Kaijudo is written by Kaijudo Master Challenge winners and we will continue to maintain this standard. We want to provide quality content, consistent content and and lots of content. If there is ever anything we are not touching on or you would like to hear more about feel free to email us. Thank you all, as you are the ones who make all of this possible for us.