Hello, I’m Jerah Doxtator and this is the written side of Kaijudo 24/7.  I’ll be primarily running the site from behind the scenes, but I felt there was space to explore in tournament prepping. So here I am, but first a bit about my background.

There and Back Again: A TCG Tale

   I started my TCG career in Pokemon. I watched the TV show, movies and video games until finally convincing my parents to buy me Zap!. For those of you who weren’t cool enough to play back then, that was the pre-constructed deck with Pikachu and Mewtwo!! I played super casually until transitioning into YuGiOh. I played that pretty casually as well until finally moving into Magic: The Gathering.  I spent my first two years of Magic playing around a lunch table in high school before losing touch with the game until mid-2009. The local scene where I picked the game up again was heavy into EDH (Commander) and Legacy. So I jumped headfirst into Legacy. After a bumpy start I found a game that I could play well but also had a blast playing. I played competitively until mid-2011. I manage to put up a single top 32 finish at a Starcity Games Legacy Open in that time span. I never really invested heavily in the game and was having issues competing against the super expensive decks. I finally decided that I couldn’t possibly commit enough time or money to break into the Magic scene and sold everything except 1 Modern, 1 Legacy and 2 EDH decks.

  A Challenger Appears: Kaijudo!!!

   I was doing just dandy sticking to EDH and playing in the occasional Modern or Legacy tournament until my good friend Steven Ferry introduced me to Kaijudo. He had been demo’d the game in Madison and came back to our local super buzzed about the game. After that first game I was hooked! The parallels between Magic and Kaijudo made it feel familiar, but the differences made the game new and exciting.  I saw the game had only been out for almost a year and decided I would go all in on Kaijudo. We played pretty casually for about a week…then they announced KMCs. Steve, myself and another teammate started brewing and playing non-stop in preparation for the KMCs. We knew we’d only have two shots and we had to make them count. The 2 weeks before KMC Milwaukee were the most intense learning experiences I’ve ever had in my TCG career.  Our preparation payed off and I earned my invite. I prepped for Seattle and did as well as I could.  Our process for Seattle preparation was just as intense as what we went through for Milwaukee. But we made a few missteps and I ended up miscalling the meta-game!

The Lessons Learned!

  My experiences in Magic and the triumphs and missteps from my first season of KMCs have taught me tons! I want to pass on all that information to you guys. I’ll be writing a mini-series of tournament preparation articles. They will cover everything from play-testing to packing your supplies right before the event. I’ll try to be as entertaining as possible, but tournament preparation can be very exhausting. Until next time, always play the Nutter Butters.