Scrolls of Strategy

Scrolls of Strategy

What’s up Kaijudo fans this is Nathan Bond (Ramboscoob333) and I am now going to be writing here on Cards Now 24/7.  I have been trying to expand more into the community and this is a great chance for me to do so.  So for those of you who don’t know who I am I would like to tell you a little about myself.

My TCG Journey Begins

I first started playing card games when Pokémon first came out, and played that through the gold and silver packs.  Around this time I switched to playing Yu-Gi-Oh which when I first started was an amazing game, but as I continued to play and later down the road the game lost my favor in the play style and community so I started looking for new games.  It was around this time that I expanded into Magic: the Gathering and this was when Shadowmoor first came out.  I played standard for a while but still continued Yu-Gi-Oh because I didn’t know if I truly wanted to switch over to Magic yet.  I played through a few sets, took a break, and came back when the Zendikar block started.  As I played through different blocks Zendikar, Scars (this is when I fully quit Yu-Gi-Oh), Innistrad, and Return to Ravnica, I started to learn that Type 2/Standard was not for me but I did love the game.  So I started to only play Elder Dragon Highlander/ Commander.

In EDH I had much success playing a variety of decks tokens, mill, control, slivers, and two decks I took the most pride in.  My Gruul trample deck was a far personal favorite as it was able to kill people in single turns from trample damage, at one point I had a single baloth do 44 damage on one attack.  The second deck was my Intimidate deck, I gave the big Eldrazis Intimidate and then I also put Intimidate on Infect creatures.  I enjoyed playing EDH and still do but in the end I did sell my collection to start playing Kaijudo.  This does not mean I will never play EDH again just that I won’t buy as heavily into EDH when I do start playing again.

Enter: Kaijudo

Two of my good friends, who are now my team mates, are the ones who convinced me to start playing Kaijudo.  They introduced it to me right after Evo Fury was released.  My friend Nick (KingofGames16) handed me his modified version of the Evo Fury structure deck to use and I played my first match against Sean (Pogiforce).  I did alright but I knew the deck wasn’t for me.  That next Friday I bought a box of Dojo, a Box of Evo Fury, and one of each of the starter decks and made four mono civ decks up to take my shots at it again.  Nature was my favorite of those decks, and I did really well.  I didn’t win any matches but showed immediate skill in my ability to play and build decks.  I went on a few weeks trading here and there and making purchases until I finally got a full playset of Bolt-tail Dragons.  This is when I made my first attempt at Aqua Saberbolt and started doing really well.  I started topping at tournaments every week and was one of the first to decide to play Flamespike Tatsurion in the deck.  I even played a few Emperor Neuron in it at one point.  This deck is the what allowed me to make that jump from new player to good player.  I continued to play locals with Team P.E.A.C.H. and my friends and then DSI came out.  Decks flew around until I eventually settled on a LWD Dragon Control build that let me get an invite to the Championship in GA.  I then took all my time testing different decks until it was time for the Championship.

Scrolls of Strategy

Well that is enough about my past now for a little about my future.  I have made an attempt to win the Master Commentator Contest, so if my video is chosen please vote for me.  I have also made a schedule of KMCs I intend to attend this season.  I am looking at doing five though I may not be able to compete in one of those so that I can judge for my local KMC.  Time will tell for that.  I will be writing future articles here about strategy.  Starting out, I plan to discuss the differences in deck types. Hopefully this will help the community as a whole.  I also want to discuss a new deck type that I am sure will emerge with the coming of Shattered Alliances. That is it for me people, so this is Nathan Bond signing out, peace out friends, and if there is something strategy related you would like me to write an article on leave it in the comments below.